About Us

Our Vision

To place the design in every detail and at every point in the whole production focus. To meet the future with quality.

Our Mission

Designing and realizing quality, reliable and affordable construction projects. Being the right partner in investments of Foreign Capital in Turkey and guiding them with professional business development methods.

Our History

Since 2003;

Since 2003, Optimist LTD. has carried out architectural, industrial and technological projects in many areas that have added value until today with project-based partnerships. It focuses mainly on design and quality in its projects, both at home and abroad. In 2003-2008, more than 40 projects were carried out in Turkic republics, especially in Azerbaijan. Between 2008-2014, industrial and technological structures in the Middle East Region, especially in Northern Iraq and Syria, have completed their projects without compromising quality understanding. Establishing local partnerships with our various developing countries between the years 2015-2020 with the cooperation of foreign investors has carried out projects in Turkey.


Erdem Top

Erdem TOP

Executive Committee Member/Partner


Erdem TOP

Erdem Top born in Istanbul in 1973. Erdem Top has an MBA degree from the faculty of business after graduating from international relations. Erdem Top, who started his business life at Lamborghini Calore Clima, served as a Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors for more than 10 years within the World Group of Companies for 17 years. Erdem Top has three children and speaks English and German.

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